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Dealing With Animal Roof Damage?

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Animal Roof Damage Insights

During the winter months, animals seek for warmer shelters, your home's attic is a prime example. Animals including squirrels, birds, and even raccoons.


While it's not an animal's intent to cause damage to your property, the result can become costly. Some clear signs of roof animal damage:

  • Damaged soffits (holes, broken off pieces)

  • Eavestroughs

  • Ripped off shingles

  • Damaged roof vents


Once an animal creates an entry point into your attic, the damages can only get worse. From destroyed insulation ( which can lead to condensation problems), to chewed up electrical wires- which can cause a house fire!


It is always best to get your roof assessed if you suspect wildlife have visited your home.

Preventative Measures

Inspect your roof and attic for any possible holes or large gaps. If you are unsure what to look for, we at Spartan Roofing would be happy to assist.


Roof Vents / Chimneys

Roofing Vents are a common way of entry. Since the average vent is made of plastic, it is easy for wildlife to remove them.


One way to keep critters out is by installing a wire mesh cover on top of an existing roof vent. This will not affect the vent's ability to properly ventilate. Another solution would be to install a brand new roof vent. We endorse the use of metal vents, they are more durable and constructed to resist animal damage.


Another form of entry would be through chimneys. Capping chimneys with a mesh guard is the most effective solution. 


Smaller animals such birds may create openings through a home's soffit. 


Consult the Pros

Repairing your home is the priority, whether you're battling raccoon roof damage, or squirrel roof damage or any roofing related problem, Spartan Roofing is here to help.

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