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What is The Average Cost to Replace a Roof?

The big question: How much does a new roof cost? When considering a full roof replacement, there are many factors that will cause the price to change. This includes the condition of the old shingles, how many layers, the accessibility, and the pitch/slope. The quality of the roofing material will also cause the price to differ depending on your preference. It is highly recommended for proper underlayment to be installed when replacing your home’s roof. What is underlayment?


We understand that everyone has a budget and we accommodate all situations. 

Warranty Period: Based on the product and service selected, we have warranties from 12-35 years. (More info)



Prices range from $2.00sq/ft - $5.00sq/ft.

The layout of every home is uniquely designed, and the price will differ for each neighbourhood. We provide complementary consultations to discuss a personalized quotation. Contact us Today. 

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Price subjective to roofing materials and roofing conditions

*Roofing conditions: accessibility, size, and slope *

Table showing average price of roof repair.
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