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 Roof Flashing in the Greater Toronto Area

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Roof Flashing Services


What is roofing flashing?

When any part of the roof meets a wall/chimney, there needs to be a waterproof barrier installed. This barrier is made of aluminum or steel. It is uniquely made for all roofing situations. Along with any roof flashing installation, an ice/water shield adhesive membrane is added to ensure it will be free of leaks. 


Chimneys are often the first to give out to the weather, especially in the winter. Leaks around chimneys are a common problem and can fail for multiple reasons:

  •  The flashing pieces themselves are loosely secured to the brick/mortar joints

  • Caulking or sealant can become cracked

  • Fails due to improperly installed shingles around the chimney


It is important any roof flashing is installed correctly for guaranteed water resistance. 


It is highly recommended that flashing is to be replaced alongside a new roof replacement. This will ensure your home is 100 percent water resistant and a full warranty is issued. 

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