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Leaf Guard & Gutter Guards Installation

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Image showing two roofers cleaning leaves on roof.

Leaf Guard & Gutter Guard Installation in the GTA

Eavestroughs are a key part that works alongside any roofing system. Water from heavy rainfall must have a clear path to exit off the roof and away from your home’s foundation.


During the fall time, your home's eavestroughs can become clogged from fallen leaves. A Clogged eavestrough will cause ice dams to form in the winter time. Once the temperature rises, melting snow/ice from these ice dams can form a roof leak. It is important to keep your eavestrough free of any debris to prevent any damage to your home's roof. 

We recommend having eavestrough guards installed as they will prevent any clogs from leaves or debris. 

We provide premium guards designed for any type of eavestrough. They are fastened on the top of the eavestrough and placed under the shingles.

The condition of your home's eavestrough system will be assessed prior to any work performed. If it needs to be repaired or replaced, we will inform a home owner with the best course of action. 


Eavestrough repair service prices start from  $100.00


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Eavestrough guard Installation priced from $5-8 per foot installed.

*subjective to roof pitch and accessibility*

Table comparing height of home to cost of eavestrough cleaning.

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