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Skylight Repair/Replacement in the Greater Toronto Area

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Skylights are a great way of adding natural light for your home. Unfortunately they will also become another reason why your roof will develop a leak.


A small leak will first appear as discolored stain marks beside or around the skylight opening. It may need minor repairs, but an older skylight with major problems will likely need to be completely replaced.


Skylights generally last 8-15 years. Certain products such as velux offer up to 25 years of leak free skylights.


A leaky skylight may not always require a full replacement. A small leak can indicate that the flashing around the skylight needs to be repaired. This flashing surrounds the window portion where the skylight meets the roof. Ignoring a roof leak can lead to more costly repairs. Moisture can quickly cause water damage to the roof or drywall of your home.


Discoloration on a skylight may need a deep cleaning, although it is not always the case. A discolored glass can come from extended UV exposure combined with age. If cleaning the glass on a skylight does not work, it may be time for a replacement.

Skylight Repairs start from $250.00

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Fixed Skylights

A skylight on a shingled roof.

These skylights are similar to standard windows, except they are located on the roof.

Vented Skylights


Vented skylights can be opened or closed to let in outside air. They can be controlled manually via a crank or with a powered motor system

Tubular Skylights

A tubular skylight on a shingled roof.

Tubular are also known as sun tunnels. Sun tunnel installations are the most cost efficient type of skylight.

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