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Roof with strategically placed vents for improved airflow and moisture regulation.

Roof Vent Replacement in the Greater Toronto Area

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Certification sticker from 4 Seasons Solar Vents, indicating compliance with industry standards for solar-powered roof ventilation systems

The Importance of Roof Ventilation

A key component to a long lasting roof is proper attic ventilation. In Canada we have the luxury of experiencing all seasons.


In the summer, hot temperatures, UV rays, and humidity have an effect on our bodies, especially our skin. The one way we can protect ourselves from the sun is to wear sunscreen. Unlike our skin, the shingles on your roof require a different solution: air flow. Ambient air must be able to effectively enter, and exit your home's attic. We can restore the airflow by replacing your vents, or by installing new ones.


In addition, asphalt shingles absorb heat which causes a home’s attic to rise in temperature. This is a main reason why your roof’s shingles will wear out prematurely. An overheated attic will also cause damage to home's roof deck, which will affect the roof's structural integrity. 


In the winter months, your home is prone to condensation problems. Condensation happens when the cold atmospheric air comes into contact with your warm, heated home.  This is the result of lack of insulation, improper ductwork; most common among bathroom/kitchen vents, and insufficient airflow in the attic. If this problem is left unchecked, enough moisture in the attic will cause mold to grow. 

Dryer attic is a happier Living Environment


If the temperature in a home defers from the attic's temperature, the HVAC system will work harder in order to evenly distribute the temperature. This can result in the increase of energy bills, and an uncomfortable living environment. Controlling ambient air with proper attic ventilation will keep your home cooler, eliminate condensation issues, and prolong the life of your roof.


Spartan Roofing offers a range of airflow solutions in order to keep your home's attic cooler and dryer. Solutions include installing; standard vents, ridge vents, turbine vents and solar powered vents.


Roofing vent installation from $150.00

Standard Vent Installation

A standard roof vent.

These vents rely on the natural flow of air in your attic. They are made of either plastic or metal. The average home of 1200 sq/ft will require 6 standard vents.

Turbine Vent Installation

A turbine vent.

These vents use positive pressure with the aid of wind to draw out hot air from the attic. They are a great way to ensure roofs are properly ventilated. Turbine vents require no power source, they are purely mechanically driven by air. The average home will require 2 turbine vents.

Ridge Vent Installation

Solar powered vent.

These vents are installed along the peaks where two adjacent roofs meet. They are low profile and rely on the natural airflow of the attic. 

Solar Vent Installation

Solar powered vent.

Much like the turbine vent, these vents are powered by sunlight to create active airflow. These solar vents are low profile which will have a nicer aesthetic for your home.  The average home will require 1-2 solar vents.

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