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New Roof Installation Procedure

The most important part is deciding on the type and colour of shingles. This will be the final product that leaves your home looking new. We go through all the options available in a step-by-step format.

  1. The first thing is preparation: Removing existing shingles can cause damage to your home. To make certain no damage is done, tarps are placed to cover any sensitive objects, protect the driveway from scratches, and plywoods are used to cover garage doors. 

  2. Safety equipment: If your roof has a high pitch (sloped), then proper equipment must be installed. Safety lines, anchors, roof jacks. 

  3. Removing old shingles: All the old shingles must be removed and disposed off the roof.

  4. Cleaning:  The roof deck must be free of dust and debris. Then the eavestrough is cleaned.

  5. Drip edge: Upon request, drip edge metal is installed. What is drip edge?

  6. Ice/water shield: This adhesive membrane is installed in all the appropriate places on the roof deck (3ft above the eavestrough, any valley, and anywhere  the roof meets a wall).

  7. Roof valley installation: If there are any valleys on a roofing system, there are 8ft long v-shaped metal valleys installed. 

  8. Shingle installation: Once the roof has gone through all the necessary steps of preparation, the brand of shingles are installed on the roof deck. 

  9. Flashing: Any areas that require new flashing metal to be installed. What is flashing?

  10. Clean up: A homeowner's property is left fully clean and free of any garbage.



FINAL STEP: Once the job is completed, a final quality check is done and warranty issued.

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