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 Roof Inspections in the Greater Toronto Area

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Roof Inspections

The weather can be harsh here in Canada. Having a well maintained roof is essential to ensure your home is safe from all the elements.  An inspection can address any problems you may have to prevent damages in the future. Damage to a roof can go beyond locating missing shingles. We are trained with years of experience to identify roof related problems.  


Thinking of getting an inspection? Spartan Roofing provides free roofing inspections.


What's included?


Every inspection comes with a detailed report of any potential damages or improperly installed roofing systems, as well as photo evidence. We analyze the current condition of shingles installed and the quality of workmanship. We will inform you of any issues with the roof deck, and evidence of mold.


Why you may need an inspection?


Its always a good idea to hire a professional to inspect your home to avoid costly damages. Here are some of the most common reasons for an inspection:


  1. Roofs condition is in question

  2. Purchase or sale of a property

  3. Missing or broken shingles

  4. shingles are curling or buckling

  5. Leaks

  6. Damaged/ missing flashing

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