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Roof Life Expectancy

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Life Expectancy 

A roofs life expectancy is determined based on several factors affecting integrity.


  • Weather condition: A roof is designed to withstand  to the elements of rain, snow/ice and high winds. However prolonged exposure to these elements will eventually wear down any type of roof. Heavy winds may tear off shingles, poor roof deck can cave in under the weight of snow,. As well as clogged eavestroughs and downspouts and cause ice dams to form.

  • Sun: The sun keeps everyone alive, unfortunately when it comes to roofs, the uv rays will cause roofing materials to deteriorate

  • Ventilation: Proper ventilation ensures your roofs attic is free of moisture from condensation, and trapped hot air in the summer months. Improper ventilation can leave you with rotting roof deck and premature shingle failure

  • Material quality: There are a variety of roofing material available on the market. Different brands have different life expectancies 

  • Quality of work: The most important factory facing a roofs life. Any roofing system is as good as the company installing it. Hiring the right contractor is crucial along with the material.

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    Table showing average life of different roof materials.
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