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Why is My Roof Leaking?

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Roof Leak 
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Roof leaks are another common issue to add for a home owner. As simple as it may sound, there are various reasons why you can experience leaks coming from the ceiling. By the time a leaking roof becomes  noticeable,  damages may have already happened in your home's attic.


Once enough water enters, the damages can extent all the way from rotten wood, ruined insulation, and even electrical failures. Roof leaks allow mold to form which can spread across an entire home. It is always best to have any leak problem addressed and fixed professionally.

Our staff have over 25 years of experience in the field to safely, and efficiently find the source of any roof leaks.


Down Below, we have listed several common reasons why a roof will develop a leak, Check it out!

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Here are some possible reasons as to why a roof can have water leaks:

1. Damaged or Improperly Installed Flashing

Aluminum flashing can become damaged from hail and high winds. It can also become detached from improper installation. To seal flashing to a surface, caulking is used. This caulking can also become cracked due to old age and poor quality.

2. Poorly Sealed Valley 

The improper installation of roofing valley can be the origin of a roof leak. These areas accumulate lots of water during a rainfall and snow during the 

winter. It is important to have any valley installed correctly. 

3. Old Roof

Nothing lasts forever, shingles are no different. Worn out shingles due to age can be the reason for a leak.

4. Skylights

Signs of water dripping or pooling around a skylights opening are a good indication of a water leak. This can happen from improper skylight size, improper flashing, or worn out seals that go around the window itself.

5. Ice Dams

After snow falls, ice dams can form on roof tops. Once the temperature begins to increase, the melting snow will expose any problems with a roofing system

6. Moisture in the Attic

A home's attic experiences different temperatures. In the summertime, hot air heating your attic will react with the cold air in your home. During the wintertime it is the opposite. When these temperatures collide, the moisture in the attic condenses to form flowing water. Attic ventilation is vital. winter. It is important to have any valley installed correctly. 

7. Clogged Eavestrough

Gutters are designed to redirect water from off the roof and away from a building's foundation. Gutters can clog due to accumulated dust and debris deposits. If they clog, water pooling can form and create cracks on the roof. The collected water then dissipates through the roof.

8. Missing Shingles

The most obvious visible reason for water leaks will be shingles that have been blown off from high winds. This generally happens when the adhesive on the shingle has worn out due to age. 

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