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Roof Exhaust Vents in the Greater Toronto Area

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Bathroom or Kitchen Exhaust Vent 


Bathroom ventilation plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. The primary purpose of a bathroom ventilation system is to remove excess moisture, unpleasant odours, and potentially harmful air pollutants. Moisture, a natural byproduct of activities like showering and bathing, can lead to mold and mildew growth if not properly addressed. Ventilation fans help mitigate this risk by expelling humid air, preventing the accumulation of moisture on surfaces.  A ventilation system can stop working from a build up of dust, motor failure on the fan, and a broken exhaust cap.

Benefits of a working vent system:

  • Proper ventilation

  • Quiet fan operation

  • Increased lifespan (on all working parts)

  • Air quality in the room

Exhaust Vent Installation Service

If your home is equipped with a ventilation system in a bathroom or a kitchen, then it must have an exhaust outlet. This outlet comes in the form of a roof cap, or a cap that is mounted on the side of a home. 

There is a size difference for a vent cap. A kitchen vent will have a larger opening of 6 inches in diameter. A bathroom vent will have a smaller opening of a 4 inch diameter. Each vent has an independent damper. The damper keeps outside air from entering. It is opened once the ventilation system is turned on. 

Our team of professionals are equipped to provide you solutions to any problems with your ventilation system.

Bathroom exhaust vent service starting from $150.00

Kitchen exhaust vent service starting from $250.00

*Prices are subjected to roofing conditions, and materials*

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