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 Roof Repair in the Greater Toronto Area

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A man is working on the roof of a house.

Roof Repairs

A roof is the first line of defence against the weather, therefore it must always be fully resistant to the elements. Strong winds can blow away poorly installed shingles. Heavy rain can expose any problem with your roofing system. Furthermore, ice dams can lead to melting snow which will cause serious roofing leaks. Animals seeking shelter in your home can lead to holes in your roof deck. If you got a leaking roof it does not necessarily mean you will need a full roof replacement.  A roof repair is the most cost effective solution. Here at Spartan Roofing, we specialize in offering custom roof leak repair solutions all over Greater Toronto Area. We inspect your roof to pinpoint the source of leakage, and fix it for you professionally, and on time. Contact us for a free consultation. 

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A shingled roof with a broken piece of shingles.

Missing shingles 

 Heavy winds can cause storm damage to occur, such as blown off shingles and even holes from falling hail. Any visible shingles that are missing will be one of the more obvious reasons to why your roof may have a leak.

Chimney Leak repair (Flashing repair)

One of the most common form of leaks: chimneys. Around any chimney, there are pieces of metal known as flashing. This flashing is then sealed with caulking. Poorly installed flashing or cracked/worn caulking will lead to leaks.

A chimney with black chimney flashing
A skylight on a shingled roof.

Leaky Skylight Repairs 

We all love natural light but not so much after it starts leaking. A leaking skylight can be caused from old age, incorrectly installed flashing, and poor quality material used. 

Closed or metal Valley Repair 

A roof valley is formed where two slopes meet. It is V-shaped. Water collects in a valley to flow off the roof. Hence, a leaking roofing valley will cause more harm to your home. During the winter months, snow and ice will accumulate in the valley. If a roof valley has any issues then the damages to your home can be severe.

A damaged roofing valley.
Animal damage to shingle roof.

Animal Damage Repair

Animals typically cause damage to ventilation systems, and create holes where the roof meets the eavestrough. Raccoons are able to create openings from plastic roof vents, and worn shingles. This happens when an animal is seeking shelter or storing food. 

Roof Tarping 

If you are in a dire need of a roof replacement or a major roof repair but it is not financially possible, a tarp installation is always a temporary solution for any roof leak.

Tarping covering roof damage.
Ice dam on roof top.

Ice Dam Removal

After a snowstorm, roof tops become especially vulnerable to the weight of freezing snow which later can turn to ice dams. It is important to keep heavy amounts of snow off your home's roof. Ice dams can also enter your home from behind the eavestrough. 

Siding Repairs

After every windstorm, metal or vinyl siding can be swept away. It is best to have any exterior siding repairs completed and keep your home safe from the weather. 

Missing piece of siding on house.
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